Umbrella Policy: Part 2 The Questions

Questions Typically Asked by the Insurance Agent When Purchasing an Umbrella Policy:

  • Besides your auto, do you own any other motorized vehicles like motorcycles or mopeds?
  • Do any drivers in your household have mental or physical impairments?
  • Are you in the farming business?
  • Do you have any employees at your residence?
  • Are you caring for any property that is not your own and it exceeds $1,000?
  • Are there any business activities conducted at your home or in any property that you own?
  • Do you have any non-owned business or professional endorsements on your current insurance policies?
  • Do any of your current insurance policies have reduced liability limits or exclude coverage for specific events?
  • Within the last 5 years, have you been denied insurance coverage or been canceled or not renewed?
  • Are there any drivers on your current insurance policies under the age of 25?
  • Do you own, lease, or charter an aircraft?
  • Do you use your property, vehicles, watercraft, or aircraft for business?
  • Do you have any vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, or property that is owned, hired, leased or used on a regular basis that is not covered by insurance?
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