Umbrella Insurance Policy Overview

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Umbrella Insurance Policy Overview

Sometimes accidents occur. Insurance is designed to help prevent accidents from becoming disasters. Consider the benefits of umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance policies add another layer of coverage to your home and auto liability policies. This ensures that your assets aren’t at risk during serious liability disputes. Imagine you’re driving one day, and you look down to check your phone. You only take your eye off the road for a split second, but that causes an accident and the other driver suffers multiple serious injuries. If your liability limits are exhausted, you may have to cover the injured party’s treatment using your assets. Umbrella insurance steps in to prevent you from losing your assets. Perhaps you are hosting a swimming party at your home. One of your guests suffers a serious injury while they are getting out of your pool, and they plan to pursue litigation. Umbrella insurance adds another layer of protection during the process.

If you are a Plymouth, MN consultant, umbrella insurance can assist you as well. As a consultant, you are always at risk of legal action. If someone accuses you of slander, umbrella insurance will protect you during the process. Umbrella insurance is also recommended if you own a high risk accessory such as a trampoline or ATV.

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