Boat/Watercraft Insurance in Minnesota

Minnesota doesn't have too many details about watercraft insurance requirements. However, Prokop Insurance Services urges you to follow the state's boating safety guide. We offer a multitude of policy options based on your frequency of use and your needs.

Importance of Boat Safety

We always encourage boat safety as per the Minnesota Boating Guide. This includes wearing your life jacket, staying sober, and keeping an eye on weather conditions. It's also wise to tell a friend where you are and to take a safety class. Responsible watercraft usage could save your life and prevent unnecessary damages and injuries.

Boat Safety Incentives

Most Plymouth, MN insurance plans offer incentives to people who take as much precaution as possible on the water. It not only will lessen chances of injury, death, or accidents, but it could also result in increased policy benefits. We will guide you through all of this when seeking the right coverage based on your watercraft ownership history.

Types of Watercrafts Insured

Prokop Insurance Services serving Plymouth, MN may include coverage for pontoons, motorboats, jet skis, yachts, or other types of personal watercraft. It might even be possible for you to obtain insurance for canoes, kayaks, or paddleboats, which might require a separate addition to your current watercraft policy.

Related Coverage

Other add-ons might involve supplementing coverage of oars, life-saving gear, radios, and other personal property. In addition, we could help you out with rental watercraft coverage if not included upon usage booking. You also might want to consider coverage in case of damage to public or private property that someone else owns and personal injury or medical coverage.

Contact Your Plymouth, MN agent to discuss Prokop Insurance Services' available boat or watercraft insurance options. We can help make your time on the water as pleasant as possible and accident coverage less complicated.

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