Home Insurance in Minnesota

If you are a homeowner, your home lender likely requires you to have a home insurance policy. However, that's not the biggest reason to get this insurance for your home. Home insurance offers several different coverage types that protect you and your finances. It would help if you never were without this coverage. If you own a home in Minnesota, give us a call at Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN to find out more.

House Protection

One of the hallmarks of home insurance is that it protects your home from damage caused by any incidents covered in your policy. These often include various types of accidents and disasters. Getting your home repaired after a major incident can be prohibitively expensive, but your home policy can pay for the repairs and any rebuilding the house needs. This can save you tens of thousands in construction costs or even more.

Coverage for Possessions

The house itself isn't the only part of your home that is valuable. There are also your possessions inside it. Those belongings are valuable, especially when you add up individual items. If a covered incident ruins your items, you won't have to pay for everything out of pocket with a home insurance policy. The policy will help you to replace your valuable possessions.

Liability Protection

Imagine if someone were to come inside your home or in your yard and become injured in an accident. You would likely be found liable for all of the resulting medical bills as well as costs like lost wages. This can be incredibly expensive, but your home insurance policy will pay for it all. This can save you an enormous amount due to the high cost of medical care.

Get Your Home Protected

If you need home insurance in Minnesota, it's time to call us at Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN.