Motor Home Insurance in Minnesota

Are you not sure what type of motorhome insurance you need to drive your recreational vehicle in Minnesota legally? If not, we can help you decipher state vehicle coverage statutes. Most states make liability insurance mandatory because it allows you to take responsibility for damages to another vehicle even if that driver has no insurance.

Prokop Insurance Services Motorhome Coverage

Prokop Insurance Services offers policies for various recreational vehicle types, and we offer more than just liability coverage. The policies we offer will also help you fund damages to any part inside or outside your RV, trailer, or another unit. The most comprehensive protection against financial loss includes replacement or repairs you would not afford without insurance.

Types of Motorhomes Insured

At our Plymouth, MN office, we receive countless questions about the types of motorhomes we insure. We will ask you as many questions as possible about your unit before we decide if we can offer you the right policy for it. Our coverage usually pertains to one or more of the following recreational vehicle types.


This recreational vehicle provides you with the most amenities while away from home. This includes Class A, B, and C motorhomes as determined by size and features. Other types such as van-campers with raised roofs or camper trailers might also fall under the RV category. Most, however, do operate as a licensed vehicle as one attached unit.

Pop-up Camper

This type might only require the same type of insurance as you would need for a hauling trailer. The biggest concern here is safety, and it must have active lights on it just like you would have for any device pulled behind your motor vehicle. The coverage we offer depends on how many safety mechanisms it has.

Camper Trailer

Our Minnesota office provides policy variations based on how much your camper trailer would cost to repair or replace. We will ensure you receive financial protection against losses occurring because of accident, disaster, or theft. These instances might require supplemental policies depending on how you use this RV type.

Fifth Wheel

Just in case it comes loose from the back of your pickup bed, it’s wise to have insurance to cover damages to it. Liability to another driver also would help you take responsibility for damages that your regular auto policy might not pay for.

Slide-On Camper

This typically sits on top of a pickup truck bed. You never know what could happen, especially if you’ve just traveled hundreds of miles. Make sure it’s secure, but also consult your Prokop Insurance Services agent serving Plymouth, MN about coverage for this or any other RV or camping accessory you own.

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