Recreational Insurance

Recreational insurance is something that can cover a number of outdoor activities. Speak with our team at Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN to learn about what is available.

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Recreational Insurance in Minnesota

Minnesota has several recreational safety requirements. Many of them pertain to boating safety. However, they also involve preparing for any precaution at a park, whether you spend time on the water or not.

Recreational Safety Incentives

Minnesota doesn't usually require individuals to have recreational insurance. However, you must follow the primary guidelines to obtain the coverage you need.

For instance, you can request policies covering accidents as long as you haven't modified your watercraft. In addition, your preferred Plymouth, MN agent might ask if you have a life jacket or eye protection, or a wetsuit.

As long as you have the necessary safety PPE and use your best judgment while having fun, any accident you have could be covered. However, you might still have questions about available policies and coverage needs. If so, that's what we're here for. Your Prokop Insurance Services representative will help you understand your policy, so it will help you come time to use it.

Coverage Needed

It helps to have coverage for all your personal belongings, including your swimming or diving equipment. If you bring along canoes, jet skis, or a boat, you also might need to include that in your policies. Liability to another person or another person's property and even public property also lessens the financial load.

Medical coverage can also help you obtain the medical attention you need to recover as quickly as possible if an accident does occur. This not only includes time on the water but if you have a slip and fall not covered by a state property or recreational site.

If you think you might need insurance, chances are you would benefit from it "just in case." If you're unsure what coverage you need in Plymouth, MN, contact us, and we will help. It's better to have the financial protection to help you recover from a loss than to regret not to have that "peace of mind" in the first place.