Umbrella Insurance

Liability is an important form of insurance that sometimes needs extended limits. Contact Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN to discuss umbrella insurance benefits.

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Umbrella Insurance in Minnesota

You may know how valuable it is to have good liability coverage. You can be held liable for medical bills in various situations, and no one wants that to happen to them. An excellent way to get more protection against liability is to get an umbrella insurance policy. This type of insurance works with other insurance policies that you already have to raise your liability coverage. If you're in Minnesota and want an umbrella policy, contact us at Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN.

Your Auto and Home Policies

When you already have auto and home policies in place, they each afford you some liability coverage. However, it's common for this coverage to be insufficient to pay the medical bills after an accident. With rising medical costs, it's often recommended that you get an umbrella policy to add more liability to those policies. It works with both of them, adding extra coverage to each of these policies. This can be highly expensive if you have thought about adding additional liability coverage directly to your auto and home policies. It is much less expensive to get an umbrella policy, even when that policy comes with an enormous amount of coverage.

How an Umbrella Policy Works

If an accident happens in your vehicle or your home, you may be held responsible for the resulting medical bills as well as lost wages. Your auto or home policy comes in first to pay for those bills up to their limit. After reaching that limit, the umbrella policy kicks in and pays what is leftover up to a much higher limit. This keeps you from having to pay what can be costly overages.

Protect Yourself with Umbrella Insurance

When you live in Minnesota and want an umbrella policy, give us a call at Prokop Insurance Services in Plymouth, MN, to talk to an agent about this type of coverage.