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Umbrella Insurance Policy Overview

Sometimes accidents occur. Insurance is designed to help prevent accidents from becoming disasters. Consider the benefits of umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance policies add another layer of coverage to your home and auto liability policies. This ensures that your assets aren’t at risk during serious liability disputes. Imagine you’re driving one day, and you look down to check your phone. You only take your eye off the road for a split second, but that causes an accident and the other driver suffers multiple serious injuries. If your liability limits are exhausted, you may have to cover the injured party’s treatment using your assets. Umbrella insurance steps in to prevent you from losing your...


When you purchase a home, you probably know that you need insurance for it, so you contact Prokop Insurance Services Inc. serving Plymouth, MN. When you purchase a condo, you might think that the insurance comes with the condo, since the building already has insurance.

The insurance policy for the building’s structure or the multi-building condo complex does not cover your specific domicile or the contents of it. If you make design changes, they aren’t covered either.

When you buy a condo, you still need to buy homeowners’ insurance, specifically, condo insurance. This policy covers the contents of your condo, the changes you make to its interiors, such as built-in bookcases or cabinets, and your liability. That’s right.

Although the insurance policy your condo complex property owners’ association (POA) carries covers its liability in public spaces like the hallways, the laundromat, the business office, the swimming pool, cabana, etc.

Your condo policy covers your liability inside your condo. If a visitor to your home falls and breaks their arm while...


The younger you are, the less likely it is that you are thinking about life insurance; however, the longer you wait to buy a policy, the greater the cost will be. As you age, your life insurance needs will adjust as you have children, get married, care for aging parents, or any number of other circumstances. If you don’t already have life insurance, here are the top reasons why you need it.

1. You Already Have Children or Are Planning To Have a Baby

If you are in the child planning phase of life, having life insurance helps ensure that there is money available after your passing to cover items like college education, mortgage, and other expenses so that your family does not suffer after you are gone. Life insurance becomes even more important if you are the breadwinner in your family because the payout can serve as income replacement.

2. Supporting Elderly Parents

If you are in the position of needing to support aging parents or loved ones, a life insurance policy can continue to provide the same level of care after you are gone. The life insurance payout...


Chances are many things have changed since you originally purchased your home insurance policy. Some of those changes will affect the coverage of your home. It is always a good idea to review your coverage from time to time to make sure it still offers the amount of protection you require. If you live in Plymouth. MN you can count on Prokop Insurance Services Inc. to provide the experience and information you need to make an informed decision about your home insurance.

Your policy probably renews every year. For most people, this is the easiest time to review your home insurance policy. The front page is the declaration page. It is a snapshot of your policy. It tells you all the key coverage and the amount that you are covered for. It will never be easier to decide if they reflect the value of your home and what you own right now. If you have increased your assets, taking a good look at your liability coverage is important.

If you have done a major renovation, it increases the value of your home. Especially if it has added square footage, you need to make sure your...


Do you own your own business or do you rent out the property to businesses? You must be familiar with commercial insurance. Whether you already know what commercial insurance you want or need or you are still considering your options, Prokop Insurance Services Inc. in Plymouth, MN offers quotes from several providers to ensure you pick the right insurance for your business.

Types of Commercial Insurance

If you own a business, depending on the size, you will find there are a lot of different commercial insurance options for you and your business. There is commercial property insurance, commercial car insurance, business liability insurance, you name it.

When you get any type of insurance, but especially commercial insurance, you should always read in-depth whether your insurance covers everything you need or if you require additional insurance or add ons.

Having the Wrong Type of Insurance

Not having the right insurance for your business can lead to difficult situations. For example, you own a small shop and you have commercial...


You likely already own home insurance for your house. But did you know that regularly reviewing your home insurance can have huge benefits for you and your home? We will explain why below.

Prokop Insurance Services inc. in Plymouth, MN offers several quotes for home insurance to help you review whether your current home insurance is right for you. Our agents have a ton of experience and will ensure you pick the right insurance for you.

Reason to Review

Many homeowners do not realize that their home insurance might decrease in value over time or that they should review their insurance from time to time. Some logical reasons for this include:

Purchases you made for your home since you first got your home insurance. When you buy valuable items for your home, the value of your insurance might not match up with the value of the items in your home. This means that only your items up until a certain value will be covered. This can cause issues. For example, in case of a fire, flooding, or burglaries, only your items up until a certain value will...